yume ga areba michi wa aru

sebesar apapun mimpimu pasti ada jalan keluarnya

Survival and First Aid

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Belajar Survival dan first aid dari Ebook militer amerika. Mungkin saja ada beberapa hal yang dapat diambil.

4 thoughts on “Survival and First Aid

  1. as always, you come up with a very useful information *bewildered on how to get a copy of these materials*

  2. to get this copy of these ebook you just go to the link under the ebook, the link is under the text ” View this document on Scribd”

    for a simple just follow these link:

    then above the ebook, there is link for download, the document has two format .pdf or .txt. If you still don’t see the link, maybe you must register first.

  3. jadi inget dulu pas ikut pecinta alam, ada materi survival

  4. yoi.. jungle survival. mantap!!

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