yume ga areba michi wa aru

sebesar apapun mimpimu pasti ada jalan keluarnya

Macodes lowii – Jewel Orchid

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Anoectochilus lowii R.H. Torr. ex Loudon 1840

The large and spectacular Jewel Orchid fromBorneo. A very rare species from the tropical jungles, a grower of the shady wet rainforest. Best grown in a shallow pot or tray, in a media that drains well but stays damp and not wet. When growing, warmth and high humidity are required, while in the cooler drier months, less water is needed. The intricately veined leaves will reach a length of 3 inches (8 cm) or so, to 3 inches ( 7.5cm) wide. The colourful sparkling veins on a dark background act as a light trap. Ideally suited to windowsill and terrarium culture.

Common Name or Meaning Low’s Anoectochilus

Found in Borneo as a terrestrial orchid that blooms in the summer in situ

Synonyms Macodes lowii (R.H. Torr. ex Loudon) J.J. Wood 1984

Color(s): white, tan
Light: Low to Medium
Temperature: Intermediate – Warm
Bloom Season: Summer


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