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The Impact of Natural Disaster : Tsunami at Aceh

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December, 26 2004 Tsunami swept North Sumatra, Thailand, India and then reached Africa. Hundred thousands people dead or missing and the facility in the large areas were destroy. Tsunami represent the very big wave and have the power of very damage caused by earthquake in the sea. Tsunami Aceh that happened last year, swept the Aceh – North Sumatra till 10 km from coastal lip. Town of Banda Aceh which is close to epicentrum of earthquake and located at elbow coast, hit by tsunami. People which do not anticipate the natural disaster, panic and try to save herself. The Resort that located far in Thailand, was even also hit by its impact. People that enjoying their vacation do not anticipate will meet the dangerous in the resort. Public facility, building, houses, shop, the road/street, access of transportation broken, damage the bridges of coastal circumjacent were not parried again fall to pieces swept by very strong wave tsunami, flatten with ground. Maybe it was the most destructive natural disaster in this century. Natural disaster had impact to the human being and also environmental. Tsunami proved that, hundred thousands people dead and facility in large area destroy. But it were the first, beside that tsunami drawn the economic activity, the survivor had facing the stress – bad mental health, health problem and hunger in the refuge, the decrease of security and leave behind effect to the environment.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Besides lost of family and house that hit by a disaster even also its living loss. Farmer cannot work the rice field and also its garden, fisherman cannot go out to sea because its equipments destroy and or lose, Trader not trade in market because all destroying effect of disaster which awful the most that. That mentioned result the drawn economic activity or even stop.
Safe victims are not meaning the suffer end, they have to face the mental burden big effect of family loss, residence and its property. Its ascertained, that some of victim become the stress and get the mental weak effect detain the mental burden. Refugee health even also can be annoyed by effect of bad sanitation in his environment. Diarrhea, typhoid, cough, respiratory infection, dermatitis represent the example of ordinary disease happened in refuge. Hunger also become the frequent problem happened in refuge, cause effect of accessing road and disorganized distribution management from natural disaster operation.

The decrease of security cause by economic changes, the victims cannot obtain a money or get food for their life and inadequate food stock. Some people try to fill their requirement with all of way although its by taking property of others. After aid come, another problem appears like aid abuse by irresponsible official, distribution which do not spread evenly to cause conflict of social in society.

Environmental Changes can influence the human health in long period. Transfer of a mass happened at natural disaster tsunami, water bringing Mud contains heavy metal and pathogenic microorganism, migrating from sea floor to continent. This microorganism can influence the human being health, more than if sanitation environmental are unpleasant. Besides that , mud is also contain by a other minerals which is after checked to contain the heavy metal. Heavy metal which is contained in Mud and seawater can contaminate the land, water surface and wells. It is important to know that heavy metal when enter into organism and consumed by the human being, like fish from contaminated fishpond, livestock animal which grass and vegetable, crop from farm that contaminates by heavy metal will accumulate at human being and that mean can harm the health.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Natural disaster leave the very circumstantial secondhand to all victim. Loss from facet bounce and also items cannot be replaced with any. As human being shall manage to cut of the loss. Natural disaster, tsunami in this case, represent the study to government to manage the operation of effect of natural disaster as good as possible, because victims will require the support to be able to be well quaranted and live appropriately till good situation.


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